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What's included:
  • Initial Online Consultation

  • Creating a Personalized Meal Plan Program

  • Creating a Personalized Training Plan

  • All Updates of Plan included?

  • Weekly Skype Check ins

  • 24/7 Email Support

  • 3 Phase Abdominal E-Book Included


Silver Coaching

What's included:
  • Full consultation

  • Personalized superfood plans

  • Personalized training and peak energy programs

  • All updates to plans included

  • 24/7 email or messenger support

  • Weekly 20 min phone check-ins

  • 3 Phase "Abdominal E-Book" Included

$75 USD/Week​

Basic Coaching

Platinum Coaching

What's included:
  • Full consultation

  • Personalized superfood plans

  • Personalized training and peak energy programs

  • All updates to plans included

  • 24/7 email or messenger support

  • Daily communication via text

  • 2 x 30-min phone check-ins/week

  • 3 Phase "Abdominal E-Book" Included

$150 USD/Week​

Platinum Coaching

What is online coaching?

My vision when working with any client is to create an atmosphere and energy that allows that individual to reach new peaks in health, fitness & mindset.

Who is the program for?

My programs are tailored to each individual who is willing to give his or her best to creating optimal results both in and out of the gym.

Quality of the program?

Over the past two years I have developed an online system that allows my clients from all over the world to find there peak. The highlight of my weekly work schedule is calling my clients from around the world. I build personal relationships with all my clients, which allows us as a team to reach new peaks. My service is personal, professional and world class. I work with a maximum of 20 clients a year, which allows me to give my absolute best to each individual.

The Vision

My vision is very simple and effective. I want to learn about each individual I’m working with and what makes them tick. My passion is helping others to find there best and together as a team that is what we will create.

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Anna Boyes

"I have always loved training, but would mostly focus on running and circuit training as I thought I just needed to burn calories. I would eat a very low carb, low fat diet. I had a bad eating disorder for over 15 years and I struggled to believe in myself...then I found Sonny!!!


I finally found that following a well structured, healthy food plan with lots of awesome, wholesome meals and a training program helped change my mindset to become a strong woman and no longer a skinny girl."

- Anna Boyes, 

Cornwall, England

Health Coach

David Ramirez

“I had been dealing with old injuries that set me back physically, as well as mentally affecting the person I was used to be, I started working with Sonny on my fitness, nutrition, but most important, on my confidence and attitude to return as a better version of who I was before.


Since I first connected with Sonny, our relationship has been natural and organic. He has always shown an honest interest and care for me not just as a client, but as a person who wanted me to achieve bigger and better reach a better version of who I was before. What I encountered in Sonny, was an individual who was truly passionate about helping others and enabling them to learn their true physical and mental capacity.


In regards to communication, Sonny has always been a phone call or video chat away. He was always available to teach, explain or answer any questions that came up. I have always felt confident to start a new training or nutrition plan knowing he is there for me regardless of where in the world he might be at the time.


My training has gone through many phases from muscle building, to power lifting, to strength and conditioning. I have gained extensive knowledge about my own body and how to benefit from each type of training plan Sonny has coached me through. I thought I knew what I was supposed to eat, but learning about nutrition was eye opening. Sonny taught me about many different food sources I never even consider in my diet before and showed me new foods that were specifically selected to complement the short and long-term goals of my training plan.


The biggest benefit of working together has been regaining the mental strength I needed to push past old injuries and exceed physical standards I had set for myself before. Not only have I regained that confidence to achieve the original goals we set, but I've realized I should not settle for less and raise my own expectations. In doing so I've been able to achieve more than I thought was possible. Sonny played a huge part of this phase of my life, and I look forward to see what other future projects we will take on. I thank you for all that you have done!"


- Dave Ramirez,

Sacramento, California

Gunnery Sergeant/US Marine Corps

David Perry




"After years of making work my priority in life, my weight and personal confidence took a big hit. Eighteen months ago I decided it was time to do something about it!


I spent the first few months going to the gym and realized nothing was changing. I had observed Sonny training people in the gym, noticing he was completely focused on his clients. I decided then that it was time for me to get serious! As I was still lacking in confidence, I needed my wife to approach Sonny. From that moment Sonny instantly changed my life. He spent the next 30 minutes listening to me about what I wanted to achieve in all aspects of my life!


My first 8 months training with Sonny, I went from 96kg couch potato to a fit and lean 76kg. To achieve this, Sonny spent time tailoring all my meal plans and training plans to suit my work and lifestyle. However, the most important aspect was all of the support and listening when the going got tough and keeping you on track and confident to reaching your goals.


Since then I decided it was time to use my new lease on life to achieve things in fitness I never thought I could do 2 years ago. I went from not being able to run 500 m to running a half marathon within 5 months.


This is where Sonny sets himself apart from other coaches, he sets new programs and meal plans to help with all aspects of running including management of injuries and recovery.


In summary I've been working with Sonny for about 18 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Sonny is passionate about all aspects of fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings every time we meet or speak! But the greatest aspect is that he is always available for whatever you need help with enabling the best outcome of your training (Especially through the tough days). I am privileged and honored to be one of Sonny's clients as I move forward with a new found confidence and belief that I can achieve anything I set my mind to!


I highly recommend Sonny to be your first and only decision to set you on your way to reach any fitness goal."

- David Perry,

Gold Coast, Australia

Fire Protection Engineer

Joanna Trailov




"Every Coach needs a Coach! One of the most humble moments a Coach has is the one in which they get out of their own way and allow another’s wisdom and personal experience to step in. Aligning myself with Sonny Brown was an instrumental and positive direction I have made in my journey. Not only was I able to turn to him as a Coach but also a mentor in an industry I was pursuing with similar valor.


I have learned many perspectives for thriving as an natural athlete and felt that he really understood the value in my moral compass and nutrition ethics. Each and everyone of my boundaries in regards to my goals, standards, and dietary restrictions were respected and even re-enforced in the moments I may have forgotten them myself.


In the year that we trained I conquered my goals of competing in a Worlds Competition for the WBFF and placed top five in the World! At 44 and a mother of 4 children we broke through barriers and beat the odds!


I feel blessed to have worked with him. He is such an inspirational coach and it’s and honor to now call him my friend. From stellar training to clean meal plans, Sonny provides not just top notch coaching and support beyond your expectations, but rather a lifestyle made to last!

- Joanna Trailov

Los Angeles, California

Coach and Fitness Professional

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